The Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) is a statutory local government authority made up of five councils on the southern part of Perth Metropolitan. Established in 1991, its aim is to deliver innovative and sustainable waste management solutions for the benefit of our communities and the environment.

SMRC take pride in compliance with strict environmental regulations and vow to keep the nuisance normally associated with waste management at bay. It is working closely with experts across the board and hold regular meetings with local advisory groups. Moreover, SMRC constantly review its strategy and seeking available technologies to ensure it meets the required regulation.

In year 2012, GOE Australia working in conjunction with Emission Assessment trailed Bio Clean at the Waste Recycling and Composting facility of SMRC as part of an odor reduction strategy.

The investigation included the determination of the concentration and mass emission rates of chemical compounds and odors emissions which exist within the air and water byproduct streams throughout the entire decomposition and composting process.

Once the chemical fingerprint of the decomposition byproducts for the waste recycling and composting facility was established, an odor mitigation strategy was designed. The primary odor reduction strategy which was trialed included the introduction of Bio Clean Concentrate to previously identified dosing points across the existing scrubbing and hygiene systems.

The trials concluded that odor concentrations and hedonic tone emanating from the process were significantly reduced across the entire process. Further to this, the outcomes of the trial were scientifically validated using analytical techniques for chemical compounds and odor concentrations.

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