Septic Tank Smell Killer

GOE Septic Tank Smell Killer, ideal for all septic tank, portable loo, boat holding tank, grey water reticulation, drain field and sewerage pond. Specially designed to eliminate odor from septic tank systems, accelerate the natural breakdown of organic waste and prevent grease build up, create cost saving through less commercial tank extraction clean outs.

GOE Septic Tank Smell Killer also stimulates the natural occuring bacteria within the system and help building a healthy local bacteria community that is essential to a healthy septic tank. 

GOE Septic Tank Smell Killer  eliminates odor where leech drains are installed for irrigation, run offs and ideal for grey water reticulation, with savings to natural water use

The product is non toxic, non flammable, bio degradable, environment friendly safe for the end user and comes with easy to use instructions.

Nation Wide Postage

1kg - 2kg                  $12.00

 3kg- 5kg                  $15.00

 6kg -10kg                $20.00

25kg and above        Contact us

*All prices quoted in this website are gst inclusive

GOE Septic Tank Smell Killer 1 Litre


GOE Septic Tank Smell Killer 5 Litre


GOE Septic Tank Smell Killer 25 Litres


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