Washdown Clean Concentrate

GOE Washdown Clean is a powerful green multipurpose cleaner. It is designed to break down grease and fat, clean dirt, eliminates odor and kills germs. One product does it all. Can be used throughout the entire house from kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, toilets to laundry and dish washing. It saves cost and time by replacing all the other harmful chemical base products and reduces wasteful plastic packaging. Most importantly GOE Washdown Clean is non toxic, non flammable, non corrosive and bio degradable. Any accidental spillage or residue after cleaning will not harm the user or family members. The gentle formula of GOE Washdown Clean ensures the health and safety of your family, easy on skin as well as the respiratory systems.

Not only cleans but also eliminates odor very effectively, for example, toilets, rubbish bins, carpets, fabrics and furnishings. Unlike other products on the market which mask foul smells with stronger fragrances, GOE Washdown Clean absorbs and eliminates odor.

Being a non corrosive product, it can be use on any surface without damage or reaction, on stainless steel, wood, glass, vinyl, floor tiles and concrete.

Made with natural derived ingredients, Washdown Clean is safe for our precious water ways.

Nation Wide Postage

1kg - 2kg                  $12.00

 3kg- 5kg                  $15.00

 6kg -10kg                $20.00

25kg and above        Contact us

*All prices quoted in this website are gst inclusive

GOE WashDown Clean Concentrated 1 Litre


GOE WashDown Clean Concentrated 5 Litres


GOE WashDown Clean Concentrated 25 Litres


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