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Slowly, but ever so surely, the planet's population is finally beginning to realise that we really should start being a little kinder to the world in which we live. Years of abuse, from hacking down hectare upon hectare of rainforest, to catastrophic oil spills and decades of relentless pollution has put our beautiful Earth in a very real danger. At last, measures are being put into place by governments around the world to help keep the planet smiling - and you can do your bit, too.

Both household and industrial cleaning products can be hugely detrimental to the health of the Earth. Those tiny diagrams of dying fish, barren trees and arid wastelands appear on many cleaning bottles, from toilet cleaner to furniture polish. A study carried out in the United States found that there are up to eight hazardous or toxic chemicals found in the worst offenders, many of which we are exposed to every day.

At GOE Australia, we pride ourselves on our range of eco-friendly cleaning products. From the versatile Washdown Clean Concentrate multi-purpose cleaner,  to the specialised Marine Clean Concentrate, we create products with efficiency, cleanliness and the future of our planet in mind. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Our products

Pet Clean

We've created a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products to suit almost any purpose. Some can be used for a broad range of cleaning tasks, such as the flagship Washdown Clean Concentrate. Others are made for highly specific tasks, such as the Septic Tank Smell Killer. The Marine Clean Concentrate, on the other hand, was designed for use on the ocean, to clean boats of all shapes and sizes.

At GOE Australia, we love our pets just as much as anyone, but we don't like the smells and stains that they can sometimes leave behind. This is where GOE Kennel Clean comes in - an eco-friendly cleaner with excellent odour removing qualities that kills germs at the same time. it can even keep ticks and fleas at bay, which will help put a big smile on your furry friend's face! Pet GOE Clean is another exceptional pet-related product, with a gentle non-reactive formula designed to keep both the Earth and your four-legged friend happy!

One of the things that our cleaning products have in common is that they will always do a sterling job, and at no detriment to the planet. They are made with a well-characterised biological enzymatic process, which in layman's terms, means that they will naturally degrade if entering the Earth's ecosystem, causing it no harm at all.

Flying the flag for GOE Australia

One of our flagship products, and perhaps the most versatile of them all, is BioClean Concentrate. This is an eco-friendly concoction that can be used on a near-endless range of problems, from huge jobs such as rubbish landfill, sewerage treatment plants and chicken farms, through to grease traps and portable toilet tanks. It's something of a cliche, but you can see that there is no job too big or small for BioClean Concentrate - but it's not just a cleaner.

It's also a hugely powerful odour remover, so when it's used in any of the aforementioned situations, it will eliminate the terrible smells that can arise, both in gas and liquid form. There is no sneaky masking of smells at play here - that would do no good. BioClean Concentrate accelerates the natural breakdown of organic waste and improves wastewater quality, easily meeting the government's Waste Water Discharge Standards. The truth is, each of our products are outstanding odour removers as well as fantastic cleaners, so you're getting a beautifully rounded product that's just perfect for your requirements.

Additionally, when we make our products, there is no hazardous chemical waste or other nasty by-products involved in the process (that would be counter-productive to what we are trying to achieve!), and they are also safe should animals or plants come into contact with them.

Why should I purchase GOE Australia's eco-friendly products?

Bio Clean

Goe Australia have been in business since 1992, so we've built up over two decades' worth of experience in this field. Since our beginnings, we've always strived to create products that will have no negative effects on the natural world, helping to keep the environment safe.

Over those 20-plus years, our record in providing eco-friendly products is unrivalled in the industry, and we have a list of accredited certification to prove it. Whether you have a persistent odour problem that just will not go away, or your fake lawn needs a good scrubbing, GOE Australia is almost certain to have the product for you.

Finding out more

At GOE Australia, we're always looking for new ways to expand and improve upon our existing range of products. This means that we are constantly testing out potential new ideas that could perhaps bring about an even more effective clean, or even adjusting what goes into our products to make them yet further environmentally friendly. Be sure to get in touch with us if you'd like to know more - we'd love to hear from you!


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